Care Giver Competency Quiz

When you do pass the quiz and I am confident that you will, download your certificate, and email it to or take a clear picture of it and text it to 215-806-5190. This requirement must be completed on or before August 1, 2023.
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Care Giver Competency Quiz

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What is NOT a common warning signal that a TIA has occurred?

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How do you know when your timesheet or documentation has been received in the Silver Lining office?

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When your client goes on Hospice, the DCW needs to do what?

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How do you reach your Coordinator Monday to Friday from 9 am to 4 pm?

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How do you send in your timesheets to Silver Lining?

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Agitation means the following:

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Direct Care Workers are permitted to do this when running errands for the client.

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If a client cannot get out of bed, you must NOT do the following:

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Reality orientation involves the use of what to help the clients remember who and where they are?

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After the dirty linens are removed, the DCW should NOT do this.

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What can cause a bedsore?

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What is NOT one of the 10 ways to make meals easier with Dysphagia?

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Some clients spend much or all their time in bed.  Careful bedmaking is essential.  Which statement is NOT true?

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What is NOT a symptom of the 4th stage of a bedsore?

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What should you do to prevent a fall?

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When caring for an Alzheimer’s client, the Direct Care Worker should...

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What is a registry?

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What areas CAN'T a bedsore happen on?

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Which statement is NOT true about clients with Alzheimer’s?

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What is a symptom of the 1st stage of a bedsore?

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If a client with Alzheimer's is violent, the Direct Care Worker should NEVER...

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What is a TIA?

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What conditions make you more likely to fall?

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What is the most common cause of death in Alzheimer’s clients?

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Direct Care Workers are NOT permitted to do this when providing care for the client.

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When caring for an Alzheimer’s client, the Direct Care Worker should never.

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What is NOT true about a TIA?

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A Swallowing Study is performed by who…

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What are the consequences when a DCW does NOT keep their PA State mandated credentials up-to-date?

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Sundowning means the following:

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Which statement is true about caring for a client with Alzheimer’s?

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What thing should the DCW NOT do to prevent dehydration?

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What type of exercise is good for an elderly client to improve balance and strengthen their legs to help prevent falls?

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If a client is displaying inappropriate Sexual Behavior, the DCW should NEVER…

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Activity therapy is…

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Who is at risk for bedsores?

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Direct Care Workers are NOT allowed to do the following EXCEPT…

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Doctors explain that Dysphagia can occur for a variety of reasons.  Which is NOT one of the reasons?

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What is NOT true about Falls?

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Reminiscence therapy is…

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Doing what things will not make the client’s home safer?

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Direct Care Workers are allowed to do the following EXCEPT:

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Once Dysphagia becomes so severe that swallowing is no longer possible for the client, the disease may have progressed to the point that they should…

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What is NOT a risk factor for a TIA?

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How do you remain active on the registry?

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When putting on Elastic (Ted) Stockings, the Direct Care Worker should always…

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Independent Contractors are responsible for the following:

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What is the correct protocol for picking up a prescription for yourself when you are on a live-in assignment?

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How do you reach the Payroll Department at Silver Lining?

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What is NOT a sign of Dysphagia?

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