I Am Happy to Recommend Your Firm to Anyone in Need

Dear Silver Lining,

Thank you for the services you and your company have provided. As you know, Missy Coopersmith was none too happy with the previous service I had employed, and I was none too thrilled myself. Bringing your firm in to help meet our needs was a breath of fresh air. I can’t imagine anyone or any firm more dedicated to ensuring that a client’s needs are met. On the few occasions when glitches developed, your personal attention and assurance took a huge load off our minds, and allowed me to continue on with my work without constantly fretting about what might be happening at home.

Willa Ann Smith was a gem. She probably was more responsible than anyone for the fact that we were able to keep Ginny at home for as long as we did. And when she needed a day off, the substitutes you found were up to the somewhat daunting task that lay before them.

I am happy to recommend your firm to anyone in need. I appreciate your kindness and attention and wish you continued good fortune in the future.

Sincerely, Richard J. Kozera, MD