Our Guardian Angel

Dear Jonathan,

Waldrina Grant has been taking care of my mom for the past three years when we were told that Mom only had twelve days, at the most, to live. It was a very sad and terrible time for everyone in my family. My mom just died last Sunday night and we all believe that a big part of the reason why she lived 34 months longer than any doctor thought possible was the love and care that Waldrina provided. Nothing was ever too much for Waldrina. She lovingly bathed and dressed my mom everyday. Her hair was always done and her make up applied which had always been important to my mom. Waldrina even learned how to cut and color Mom’s hair. My mom’s meals were well thought out and beautifully prepared. As sick as Mom was, Waldrina would consult with Mom and make her food she thoroughly enjoyed eating. This gave my mom great pleasure.

Waldrina is the kind of caregiver that would sit, during the day or in the evening, with Mom and watch television. For my mom, Waldrina became a dear friend. My mom trusted Waldrina and Waldrina made her happy.

Waldrina would encourage us to go on outings even when I assumed Mom was too frail. Waldrina knew it was possible and made them happen.

When Waldrina’s name comes up at Sunrise of Abington the staff members will say that there aren’t many like her. She would greet everyone when she comes downstairs and was always ready to help whenever needed. They tell me how she always had my mom looking so beautiful.

I highly recommend Waldrina who was like our guardian angel for the last three years of my mom’s life. She is a wonderful caregiver and a truly beautiful person.

Sincerely, Sheryl Samter