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Dear Jonathan,
It has been a pleasure to be part of the Silver Lining family. I think we started about five years ago with Edith Daniels. Edie worked part time for us. She was there to help Bill with his meals and his personal care needs. Her smile and demeanor light up the room. Bill would look forward to her coming to take care of him.
As what frequently happens in the aging process, Bill required more care. Patrick Glasgow entered our lives on a Sunday afternoon in September, 2012. He is an integral part of Bill’s care team. I know with complete trust and ease that I can go to work and Bill is in excellent care. Patrick is more than a caregiver. He has gone on doctors’ visits, movie outings and outdoor dining with us. Nothing is out of the question. He arrives on time with a smile on his face daily. It gives me peace of mind to know that my loved one is well cared for. I am only a phone call away if I am needed.
I feel Patrick is a reflection of the Silver Lining organization. His every day kindnesses and care have helped to make a very difficult journey that much easier. From the coordination of care with Amy Bonaduce, to Cardella Henry (my back up), Silver Lining has been a constant in this journey. I thank you.

Sincerely, Susan Starr

Dear Silver Lining,

Beverly Brown provided valued services as a home health care aide for my father, and then my mother, over the last month’s time. Having brought my father home on hospice care on the morning of November 2nd, I was determined to find quality people who would join our family of caregivers for a brief while as we strove to give my dad just what he wanted and so richly deserved: comfort, dignity, and the joy of being home. Beverly joined our “team” by 8:00 p.m. that very first night.

Night after night during her twelve-hour shifts, Beverly dispensed the care, wisdom and compassion needed to take us through this most difficult time. She quietly lent us her strength, and became a trusted member of our family, even if only for a short time.

Beverly Brown is all the things you would want in a caregiver…intelligence, competence, kindness, and total commitment to her client’s well-being. Hire her to help you take care of your loved one; you’ll be glad you did.

Sincerely, Gail Garber

Dear Silver Lining,

Thank you for the services you and your company have provided. As you know, Missy Coopersmith was none too happy with the previous service I had employed, and I was none too thrilled myself. Bringing your firm in to help meet our needs was a breath of fresh air. I can’t imagine anyone or any firm more dedicated to ensuring that a client’s needs are met. On the few occasions when glitches developed, your personal attention and assurance took a huge load off our minds, and allowed me to continue on with my work without constantly fretting about what might be happening at home.

Willa Ann Smith was a gem. She probably was more responsible than anyone for the fact that we were able to keep Ginny at home for as long as we did. And when she needed a day off, the substitutes you found were up to the somewhat daunting task that lay before them.

I am happy to recommend your firm to anyone in need. I appreciate your kindness and attention and wish you continued good fortune in the future.

Sincerely, Richard J. Kozera, MD

Dear Jonathan,

Waldrina Grant has been taking care of my mom for the past three years when we were told that Mom only had twelve days, at the most, to live. It was a very sad and terrible time for everyone in my family. My mom just died last Sunday night and we all believe that a big part of the reason why she lived 34 months longer than any doctor thought possible was the love and care that Waldrina provided. Nothing was ever too much for Waldrina. She lovingly bathed and dressed my mom everyday. Her hair was always done and her make up applied which had always been important to my mom. Waldrina even learned how to cut and color Mom’s hair. My mom’s meals were well thought out and beautifully prepared. As sick as Mom was, Waldrina would consult with Mom and make her food she thoroughly enjoyed eating. This gave my mom great pleasure.

Waldrina is the kind of caregiver that would sit, during the day or in the evening, with Mom and watch television. For my mom, Waldrina became a dear friend. My mom trusted Waldrina and Waldrina made her happy.

Waldrina would encourage us to go on outings even when I assumed Mom was too frail. Waldrina knew it was possible and made them happen.

When Waldrina’s name comes up at Sunrise of Abington the staff members will say that there aren’t many like her. She would greet everyone when she comes downstairs and was always ready to help whenever needed. They tell me how she always had my mom looking so beautiful.

I highly recommend Waldrina who was like our guardian angel for the last three years of my mom’s life. She is a wonderful caregiver and a truly beautiful person.

Sincerely, Sheryl Samter

Dear Friends,

I am writing to express my thanks for your excellent service, both in professional and human terms.
For a period of about four months, with increasing frequency and with complete confidence, I utilized Silver Lining for the care of my husband, Paul Wolkin. Everyone with whom I dealt, from the aides to the office staff, were unfailingly courteous, compassionate and dependable.
In particular, I want to cite the extraordinary dedication and expertise of Jean St. Jean and Lillian Lumpkin, who worked very difficult 12-hour shifts for a period of many weeks, and did so without respite. I did not know such dedication existed among healthcare workers. I have only the highest praise for these two fine individuals, and I am immensely grateful for the loving and knowledgeable care they provided to Paul.

Diana Burgwyn Wolkin


Thank you so much for sending Holly, Amy, and Sherrie to attend the funeral service for Penny yesterday. The fact that they were there is a tribute to Penny and how much she was loved by everyone at Silver Lining. I also take it as the ultimate compliment to me, personally.
The people at Silver Lining have become members of my extended family. There was never a time when I called that I didn’t have warm pleasant conversations. Whether it be Sondra, Julie, Barbara, or Amy, I always felt that they were happy to speak with me and always took the time to ask about Penny.
Also, the caregivers you provided were outstanding. I can’t think of one individual with whom I was unhappy. From Vivia Tucker to Corthenia (Fifi) Carter, each and every one was professional, warm, caring and cognizant of Penny’s welfare while trying to make me happy as well. And, for the “hands on” person that I am, that was not an easy task.
Again, thank you for Silver Lining Home Healthcare.

Sincerely, Gil

To Silver Lining,

In August 2009, we met Elvy Mitchell at Rydal Park Rehab where we interviewed her for a job as an aide for our 92 year old father. He had fallen while home alone, causing no broken bones, but many other issues.  He was confined to a bed and wheelchair after a week long hospital stay, unable to do physical therapy without pain and very weak. After speaking to Elvy for only ten minutes, it was clear that this quiet, dignified woman was special and she was hired. Six years later, our Dad passed away at home peacefully.

People use the word angel loosely. But Elvy is. She moved into Dad’s apartment right away and  established a schedule that met his needs, not hers—his favorite breakfast, his paper for his morning read—his previous routine. Elvy brought him back to a productive life, walks with her, lunches out with his buddies, watching sports on TV, enjoying family, all of them with her by his side, keeping him safe and content. She met every challenge with patience and intelligence.
No need went unattended. Elvy was an aide but really became more like a trained nurse. The physical therapist taught Elvy exercises Dad needed to perform every morning in bed. When a health issue arose, like a skin cancer removed from his leg, Elvy applied expert wound care. When dad needed a temporary catheter, Elvy managed his care. She calmly dealt with emergencies, never missing a sign when a situation became more than she could handle and calling us to confirm before calling 911. She saved his life several times using her good judgment. Elvy is an angel in our eyes and a friend. Her family values mesh with ours.

She is one of the most selfless people we have ever met. Dad came first for Elvy and it was she who organized help to replace her when she took a weekend off or a vacation, leaving detailed instructions for Dad’s care. Somewhat meek when we first met her, Elvy grew assertive when Dad’s needs were not met. Her kindness, discipline and attention to detail are unparalleled. You would be fortunate to have Elvy take care of your loved one because she will treat him or her as she would a member of her own family.

Susan and Lisa

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